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Trumaker Buttons

Way back at the beginning, we made the decision to use all natural buttons on every Trumaker shirt. While it’s probably not the first thing you notice, this choice of materials is an important distinguishing characteristic of our line. Plastic buttons are the default choice of many of our contemporaries because they’re far cheaper to manufacture. But they also lack distinction, and detract from the style and quality of a shirt.

All of Trumaker’s buttons are top quality shell, bone, or horn, and always farm raised and sustainably sourced. Because these natural materials are among the defining elements of the Trumaker aesthetic, we wanted to say a bit about each of them.

Most often, we use mother of pearl shell buttons—either thick or thin depending on the style of the shirt, but both varieties are incredibly strong. They range in color from a silvery to creamy off-white; we take care to match them to the fabric and reduce the shine on the shell’s surface to keep them subtle. The extra thick shell buttons are reserved for our dress shirts, like our recently launched Delany.

On the Cassidy shirt alone, we use fish-eye style buttons cut from buffalo bone. These bones are a byproduct of the leather goods industry, so they’re highly sustainable and bear no relationship to ivory. We use them to impart some ruggedness, because bone has less color, shine, and variation than mother of pearl. Bone buttons are essential to the Cassidy’s casual, western American style.

Finally, our horn buttons come from the domesticated water buffalo of India. Dark brown and subtly striated, horn buttons give the right fabric—Japanese chambray, for example—an earthy, masculine quality. It’s one of our very favorite details on one of our favorite shirts: the Faulkner.



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