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Starting a Men’s Wardrobe in Style

Starting a Men’s Wardrobe in Style

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Ask most clothing companies for their top wardrobe essentials, and they’ll recommend a white button-up shirt, navy blazer, and lightweight sweater. We’re not saying that we disagree. Those are all classic items, and in the Trumaker shop you’ll find our take on each one.

But it’s also possible to start a new wardrobe with pieces that are a bit more advanced. To that end we’ve put together some notes with help from our lead designer.


The Chambray Shirt


Chambray is a softer and more easygoing cousin of denim. Traditionally a workwear staple, the chambray shirt can be an elevated option, provided that it has the right pattern and details. Talking about our slim-fit Faulkner shirt, Brett says, “It has a triple-needle stitching, which you never really see in a made-to-measure shirt, and the buttons are made out of corozo—one more thing that’s a little bit different.” While the white button-up will always have its place, the chambray shirt offers more of an unexpected choice. As an advanced move, it can even be worn with a suit.


The Navy Blazer


The Abruzzo blazer is also made from chambray. With a refined, Italian indigo version of the fabric, this blazer gives you all the versatility of the traditional navy blazer, but with something extra. As Brett says, “With this blazer, we’ve taken the navy blazer and changed it a little. You could still wear it with either a t-shirt and jeans or a tie and loafers, but it’s an upgrade. That’s why this thing is quintessentially Trumaker.”


The Shawl Sweater


Smoking jackets are undeniably cool, but it’s impossible to wear them outdoors unless your name is Hugh Hefner. Thankfully, at some uncertain point in fashion history, a sartorial Doctor Frankenstein wondered, “What would happen if I put the smoking jacket’s trademark shawl collar on a sweater?”  


Sweaters with shawl collars are often bulky. Brett’s team dialled in a trim pattern for the Santiago sweater, and they also took pains on the proportions of the all-important collar. The corozo buttons provided the final touch. With all this attention to detail, Brett has earned the right to brag. The Santiago, he says, is “the perfect sweater for fall.” Even better, thanks to the collar’s smoking-jacket heritage, the Santiago has a certain, subtle debonair quality that’s worthy of Hef himself.


Loop Belt


The leather for our single-loop belt comes from Italy, where it’s treated in a most peculiar Old World way. Specifically, the leather is beaten against the ground until it looks distressed and feels soft to the touch. Although it’s a casual item, Brett says the Loop Belt can act as its own advanced style move, by way of contrast. “When a guy wears this with a suit,” he says, “people definitely notice.”

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