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“Shirt Fat” and the Skinny on Fit

Shirt fat afflicts millions of American men. When shirts are worn too large, excess fabric sags under the arms and billows around the waist. The poor devil wearing an oversized shirt looks 8–10 pounds heavier than he actually is.

The solution would seem simple: Wear a smaller, better-fitting shirt. Therein lies the cruel nature of shirt fat. When these gentlemen—many of whom are athletically built—opt for smaller shirts, the garments fit well in the body, but the top button often won’t close without the wearer’s face turning purple.

This situation exists because major clothing retailers make millions of shirts for millions of men in just a handful of different sizes. However, no two bodies are exactly the same.

To solve this problem, Trumaker makes one shirt at a time, each one made specifically for one man, based on his unique measurements. We call it Built-to-Fit, and it does more than alleviate shirt fat. For one thing, you’ll never need to stand in front of your closet again wondering which shirt is the one that makes you look the leanest.

Instead, you can simply pull a Trumaker shirt out of your closet and—knowing you look good—get on with your day. That’s a pretty easy way to shed eight  pounds, isn’t it?

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