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A Quick Guide to Dressing for a Fall Wedding

If you’re headed to a fall wedding, we suggest a change of pace. Whereas the traditional summer ceremony calls for a cool, lightweight cotton suit (the groom should be the only one sweating bullets), autumn is prime time for richer fabrics. We firmly recommend a suit made with heathered wool.

The term “heathered” indicates that the fabric—virgin wool, for our Mosso jackets—has been interwoven with different-colored yarns. This technique does two things: It creates a subtle variance in color, and it gives the fabric a super-rich texture. The Mosso’s luxurious wool will separate you from the sea of wedding guests in gray twill.

Shop this look

With your suit in place, add a crisp white shirt, and tie your own wedding knot with a silk or knit necktie. (Silk is a no-risk traditional staple. For a more contemporary look, pick the knit.)

Fall Wedding Attire for Men

Advanced moves: Wearing our single-ring belt with a suit will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Follow that advice. In terms of footwear, loafers provide a more stylish alternative to lace-ups. If you’re feeling especially confident, go sockless.

Pants and loafer combo

It’s a fashion-forward detail, but it’s not for everyone. (Just be sure to wear invisible loafer socks, to protect your shoes from the evils of foot sweat.)


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