The Measure

Exploring what it means to be a better man.


The measure of a man is more than how much he owns or earns. It’s more than the clothes he wears. The true measure of a man is in what he does.


The Measure is a digital magazine published by Trumaker that explores what it means to be a better man. The answer’s different for every individual. So more than dispensing opinions, we’re interested in conversations that teach us about how to become the best versions of ourselves, and about the world around us.


We believe being a good man who is true to himself isn’t about learning a standard set of rules on how to act, or memorizing a how-to guide. Helpful, sure, but shouldn’t everyone know how to change a tire?


It’s about having the courage and confidence to do the right thing, the curiosity to always want to learn more, and of course, figuring out ones own personal style.


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