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Trumaker Fall Reserve Suiting

Introducing New Super 150s Fabrics

September 14th, 2017

At Trumaker, we’re committed to a luxurious quality you can feel. When we launched the Reserve Collection, we looked for fine European mills that could produce uniquely premium fabrics. This fall, we’re especially excited to introduce new Trumaker Reserve Collection fabrics — luxurious Super 150s wool with an accessible price of $1,595.


What is Super 150s Wool?

When a wool says it’s “Super 100s” or “Super 150s,” it refers to the fineness of the yarn. The higher the number, the finer the yarn. Typical suiting wools will range from Super 100s to Super 180s. When evaluating by this characteristic, it’s good to remember the rule of thumb: the lower the number, the sturdier the cloth. The higher the number, the finer and lighter the cloth will be.

Super 150s wool, while it varies in quality between mills, is generally considered a finer, smoother, and “drapier” wool. The hand touch is often defined as “silky” – and it generally feels lightweight when worn as a jacket.


The Hawkins – Classic Worsted Wool

Think of the Hawkins as your classic worsted suiting — a refined texture, silky handfeel, and mid-weight weave are all hallmarks of this collection. For starters, we’ve got the basic colors of gray, medium gray, charcoal & navy covered. But our design team took a step further and added some interesting colors for those looking to add more of a statement suit to their wardrobe: a dark olive and a dark brown round out the collection.


The Thornton – Sharkskin

Sharkskin wool suiting derives its name from its texture, which has a two-toned, basketweave appearance when examined up close. We love the sharkskin because its weave naturally gives it wrinkle-resistant properties, all while keeping it smooth and soft to the touch.

Perfectly acceptable for a daily business suit, we believe sharkskin is the stylish upgrade for an all-occasion suit as well, as its basketweave and light weight makes it extra-breathable in the summer. Our favorite color in the Thornton Collection is undoubtedly the Blue Grey — as a lighter navy in a muted shade, it’s an atypical blue hue that stands out in exactly the right way.


Augustus – Windowpane

Taking its name from the window-like wide square plaid pattern, it’s formed by two perpendicular pinstripes. Many guys first express confusion around wearing windowpane. Common questions include “is this pattern for me?” and “how do I wear it?”. The truth is, windowpane is actually one of the easiest-to-wear patterns for guys: the lines in the pattern create an elongated silhouette that makes guys seem taller and slimmer. The easy style rule is to pair a lighter, solid dress shirt with the core fabric – preferably one that is similar in shade to the windowpane lines. And just like that, you’ve got a stylish suit that makes for a powerful first impression. Furthermore, windowpane check is definitely the sign of a maverick; it’s a bold statement that signifies a man who goes his own way and doesn’t really care what you think about it.

One bonus: the windowpane suit jacket also makes for a versatile blazer when worn separately, especially when dressed down with some dark denim. The versatility of this uncommon pattern is exactly why our team loves it so much.

Supercharge Your Wardrobe

We have a total of 83 new fabrics for the Fall Reserve Suiting. Contact your Outfitter or book an appointment now to up your suit game.

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