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Meet The Jackson

Introducing our Fall '17 signature shirt.

August 24th, 2017

With the Trumaker Fall 2017 collection tantalizingly close to launch, we wanted to share the backstory and development process behind the Jackson shirt, one of our team favorites and a shirt that’s sure to become a well-loved best-seller amongst all of you.

Once again, Nicole Walling — our Head of Product —  is here to guide us through the story of this remarkable shirt.


Hi Nicole! So tell us about the Jackson. Why should our guys be excited for it?

Nicole: The Jackson is a truly unique fabric that no other brand offers in made-to-measure. It’s a wool, viscose and polyester blend specially crafted by one of the top Japanese mills in the world. The blend of premium wool and high-tech fibers gives the shirt some amazing benefits: it’s thermo-regulating, wrinkle-resistant, UV-resistant, odor-resistant, and it also retains this soft brushed flannel feel that feels like you’ve worn it for years. I was skeptical myself until we started testing the real samples — but it’s the real deal!

On a cooler day, wear the Jackson as an overshirt over a darker casual shirt to create a stylish bit of contrast. It’s unique thermo-regulating wool won’t let you get too warm, even in an office environment. Featured: Jackson over Stackhouse

Wow. This is quite the workhorse fabric. How’d you end up going down this direction in the first place?

Nicole: My thought process is this — I’m not satisfied until we can find one-of-a-kind fabrics that push the boundary of what can be created in made-to-measure shirting. This is part of the reason I came to work at Trumaker in the first place — I really believe made-to-measure clothing doesn’t have to be your traditional European cottons for shirts and European wools for shiny business suits. Guys are dressing so much more casual today and there simply so few options for well-fitting, high-quality casual wear. So we went out and partnered with mills to develop our own exclusives.

I’m sure the first question our customers will ask is “It’s unique — how do I wear this?” What’s your take on the outfits this shirt does well with?

Nicole: This is the kind of shirt I love for fall weather. Because it’s thermo-regulating, you can wear it outside and at the office without feeling too warm. When outside, I can easily see this paired with a dark cotton blazer, like our denim blazer coming out this fall, five-pocket chinos in a tan or olive color, and brown boots. And you can just untuck it and wear it like a dressed-up camp shirt in a casual office setting. The gray melange texture of this shirt really makes it super-versatile when it comes to color pairings.

The Jackson pairs well with a textured blazer to create the ultimate autumn look. Here, Graham is wearing it with our best-selling Piedmont. The gray of the Piedmont pairs well with the Jackson’s light gray, especially when anchored with a pair of dark Trumaker denim.

One of the big themes for this fall is custom buttons you’ve developed to really enhance the uniqueness of the fall shirting collection. Can you tell us about the button that comes with the Jackson?

Nicole: Of course! It’s been my passion project to create some truly amazing hardware to pair with these shirts. The Jackson is going to come with these antiqued brass metal buttons that really give it a bit of extra luxury as a casual shirt. When we decided to go with a wool fabric, we knew that a standard mother-of-pearl button would feel out of place. These are custom-developed buttons tumbled thousands of times to create this special antique look. I think our customers are going to love it!

With elegant powder-coated dark metal buttons, putting your shirt on in the morning is a ritual in appreciating quality and refined detail. Our favorite look for the Jackson in the workshirt build with button-down collar: it’ll add triple-stitching as well as two chest pockets and allow the dark buttons to really pop on the shirt.

Anything else you want to let everyone know about our fall collection?

Nicole: Absolutely! The Jackson may be my absolute favorite, but we have a ton of great stuff coming out as well. We also have special yak wool shirts coming out — these combine the softness of cashmere with the durability of the yak fibers. Think of them as the best of both worlds. And then there’s the new suiting and the new denim. And psst — we have boots rolling out too! I can’t share too many details right now, but it’s a special collaboration with one of the top USA boot makers.

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