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A Labor of Love: Shirt Fit v3.2

We Never Quit on Fit

August 10th, 2017

At Trumaker, our focus on building better fitting, higher quality menswear is relentless. We’ve worked tirelessly over the last five years to help guys look and feel their best, but that work is never done. Our product development process is an ongoing conversation with our customers; we listen, learn, and constantly find new ways to make our clothes better. Here are a few enhancements we have made in our constant pursuit of excellence.  

What Does It Mean?


Our collar styles fit a broad array of neck shapes and sizes, so you can find one that’s just right for you. Upgraded interlinings keep your casual collars soft and your business collars crisp while preventing them from curling.

Armholes & Sleeves

An updated fit gives you more freedom of motion in the shoulders and elbows without compromising a sharp look. We also tweaked the elbow and forearm pattern to create a more proportional sleeve. 


New European interlinings hold the shape of your placket (read: no bacon placket after a few washes) and give it a more comfortable feel. We added new customization options to give you extra flexibility.


The nitty gritty details matter, so we’re bringing you the best: luxury Mother of Pearl and horn buttons that resist breakage, repurposed metal buttons in vintage finishes, and coated buttons with a more urban feel.


We developed over one hundred original business and casual fabrics with best-in-class textile mills around the world. We consider every detail, from hand-picking the thread colors to choosing our own fabric finishes for extra softness.

Waist Taper

We slightly adjusted the waist taper to create a better fit that prevents your shirt from flaring at the bottom. No hour glass shape here. 

Get Your Fit Together

A better, more comfortable fit. More customization options. Thoughtful details that bring it all together. Expect nothing less from our upcoming Fall collection, and shop our current offering in the meantime.

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