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We talk to Nashville's wine, food, (and champagne) thought-leader.

December 13th, 2015

Vivek Surti is the Marketing Director for Nashville Wine Auction and occasional blogger on his site titled Epicurean Adventures. Vivek admits that writing was less interesting than eating so he transformed his conversations about food into a real­ life experience with VEA Supper Club.

Most recently, he took over a hot chicken spot (hot chicken is a Nashville staple that deserves it’s own write-­up) and gave it an Indian twist. As usual, the event sold out.

Vivek is a connoisseur of fine spirits and excellent champagnes. After mastering the art of “sabering,” this has become his exclusive method for bottle service. Why not?

Listen to the full Lightning 100 Interview (sponsored by Trumaker) here:


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“Everyone should have a great sweater. It’s perfect for fall. Oh, and you need a perfect white shirt. You should be able to wear it to dinner and the beach. I’m a semi­-spread collar guy.” - Vivek

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