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We Tested This Sweater in the Freezing Air of Alaska & the Sierras

At a high of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather wasn't fooling. Neither was the Wallace cardigan.

October 1st, 2015

We got a call from a good friend of ours towards the end of November. “Hey, I’m going to Alaska and then the Eastern Sierras for few days, want to come?”

We shouldn’t be surprised when we get calls like this from Andrew Koester, but we’ll never quite get used to it. Somehow Andrew seems to always be off on a new adventure. We are both impressed and jealous. While we couldn’t accompany our friend on his journey, we saw a great opportunity to put our shawl collar cardigan, the Wallace, to the test.



At highs of only 10 degrees, Andrew was more than willing to take an extra sweater with him. “Well, I guess the most important part is that it kept me warm. The fact that it fits and looks great is just a bonus when you’re in that kind of weather. It was really perfect in the Sierras because I didn’t have to layer too much with that on. Other than that though, I really liked that the neck wasn’t overpowering. I have a hard time wearing sweaters like that because the neck is usually too much, but this worked perfectly.”

This field test showed us how the combination of softness and durability make the Wallace an incredibly versatile piece. Whether you take it camping or use it as a blazer replacement, it’ll be your most reliable sweater in your closet.


Huge thanks to Andrew for putting our sweater through the wringer and another thanks to Justin Kaneps for documenting their adventure.image

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