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Drink Better: How to Make a Robert Burns

Meet the Scotch cousin of the Manhattan.

Monday’s over, go home and have a drink. This week we’re recommending a Robert Burns. This lesser-known cocktail is from the golden age of adult beverages and is the perfect after work libation for a hard working man like you.

Step-by-step guide to make your own Robert Burns.


STEP 1: Pour one ounce of of Scotch Whiskey.

We are big fans of Balevenie DoubleWood. Aged 12 years, it has a bit of a cinnamon flavor with a long finish.  image image


STEP 2: Add one ounce (or less if you want more of the scotch flavor) of Sweet Vermouth.

image image


STEP 3: Add a ¼ of an ounce of Bénédictine.

Benedictine is an herbal liquor and will add an earthy flavor to the drink. It’s a great way to balance out the sweet Vermouth.

image image


STEP 4: Add a dash of bitters.



STEP 5: Add ice and stir.



Step 6: Pour into a glass and add a lemon garnish.



Final Step: Enjoy and Repeat.


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