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3 Perfect, Useful Objects from Japan

Sometimes it's all in the details.

September 30th, 2015

Our CEO, Mark Lovas, has an eye for quality and detail. But Mark’s love for quality goes beyond the realm of clothing. Here are a few of his favorite Japanese-crafted items in the office:


1. Crane Bell Company Suzu Bell

The Suzu bike bell has an incredibly clean look and sound. Made of either brass or aluminum, these are some of the finest bells around.


2. Noda Horo Enamel Renge Spoon

Noda Horo has been producing enamel products for over 70 years. Their exacting production standards and simple, yet stylish designs have made their products standard items in many professional kitchens in Japan. Enamelware is long lasting, doesn’t produce environmental toxins and keeps food fresh and germ free, making it ideal for storage.


3. Copper Paper Scissors by Tajika

Tajika is a line specifically made for handcrafted iron scissors by Tajika Haruo Ironworks. Located in Ono City, northeast of Kobe, they have been handcrafting professional quality scissors and shears for over four generations. We are continually inspired by their one of a kind products and can guarantee these will be the best scissors you own.

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